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Jeff Cure

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This is a treatment that supports cleansing, detoxification and a good and healthy immune system.

The Jeff Cure consists of: Vita, Immunex, Neutralex and Liverex.



Detoxify, support and strengthen your body:

Combine a handful of VitaZymes’ herbal supplements and see truly immaculate results..

If you seriously want to support your liver and kidneys, we recommend you take Liverex.

If you seriously want to avoid the damage caused by free radicals, we recommend you take Neutralex.

If you seriously want to boost your immune system, we recommend you take Immunex.

If you seriously want to clean your blood, which will most importantly improve your respiration and delivery of oxygen to the cells and balance your body’s inflammatory response, you may already know that we recommend you take Vita.

If you were to take a combination of all four herbal supplements, you will significantly improve your level of health. Combining Liverex, Neutralex, Immunex, and Vita will increase the health benefits of these four herbal supplements rather than being taken separately. This combination will support your body in many different ways; particularly the effect it will have on your lymphatic system, which will be invigorated and begin working optimally, and the spleen repairing the red blood cells and producing fresh white blood cells (T-cells).

Whatever the state of your health, you will definitely feel an improvement. We recommend you continue taking this combination until you feel you have reached the level of health you aspire to achieve. You can simply test this by stopping taking the combination for a while and see what transpires. If your health deteriorates, you will know your body needs more support. Conversely, if you feel the same after a month or two, you may consider you have probably met your aspiration.

To maintain the improvements to your health, you may want to continue with a maintenance dose which would involve taking a capsule of each supplement. Alternatively, you could do an annual detox. We are continually exposed to pollutants (toxins) everywhere, mainly in the air but also in the water, food, and products we use on a daily basis including those for personal care, cleaning materials and medicines, etc. which put a considerable strain our bodies. Toxicity lies at the root of ill health.

You may also wish to consider adding Heartex to strengthen your heart and arteries.

The Jeff Cure consists of:

VitaZymes Vita

Vita helps to clean and detoxify the blood and clears inflammation. They support a healthy respiration and supply of oxygen to the cells.

VitaZymes Immunex

Immunex strengthens the immune system. They help to clear the lymphatic system and they also support the immune function like a natural antibiotic.

VitaZymes Neutralex

Neutralex supports and maintains healthy working cells due to their ability to neutralize free radicals. The herbs in Neutralex are known to be powerful antioxidants, which are up to a hundred times more effective than other typical sources of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C.

VitaZymes Liverex

Liverex supports and maintains a healthy working liver and kidneys. They are also supporting cell regeneration, and regeneration of the liver.

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