30% Premium CBD Oil (3000 Mg. Phytocannabinoids)

This product contains 10 ml.

Total 3000mg Phytocannabinoids

Gluten and Lactose free.

Contains around 300 drops. – 1 drop contains approximately 10 mg



See TrustGaia’s [What is it & How to use it?] – CBD (CANNABIDIOL)

Pure Premium CBD oil.

This CBD Oil is a full spectrum, filtered CBD oil created from the best organically grown hemp in Europe and extracted with Supercritical CO2 to maximize the potency of phytocannabinoids then distilled, winterized, separated and diluted to create a smooth CBD oil that’s a powerful oil with a range of benefits.

The benefits CBD provides are wholly dependent on the quality of the oil, which is why we so closely monitors every stage of the production process and goes to such lengths to extract CBD in its purest form. For this reason, the CBD Oil is suitable for everybody.

To guarantee our oil’s pure quality, we employ the following standards:

We only work with Bio-certified growers. Not only is our hemp organically grown, it is bred to ensure that its CBD content far outweighs that of normal hemp.
We use a Supercritical CO2 extraction process because it is considerably safer and less toxic that traditional fossil fuel based extraction, and results in a consistent, more palatable oil.
We distill the oil twice to remove the lipids, bacteria, mouldand solvents, which creates an odorless high value clear distillate.
We winterize the oil, a filtering process that crystallizes and removes fats and waxes to avoid clouding the oil at cooler temperatures.
Finally, we dilute the oil to remove any traces of its harsh taste and create an oil that’s guaranteed pure.
All of our oils are 100% natural and organic. We do not allow the use of any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, genetically modified products or growth hormones in our production process. All of our CBD oil is lab tested. We test for CBD content, other cannabinoids, contaminants, dangerous bacteria andmould and funguses to ensure both safety and quality.

All of our products are kosher and vegan friendly, as well as gluten and lactose free.

This product contains 10 ml.
Contains CBD
Total 2000mg Phytocannabinoids

Organic olive oil, decarboxylated hemp oil (decarboxylation is the process of heating oil extracts with CO2. In our hemp oil, the process turns CBDa into CBD). The oil is free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy solvents and other toxic substances.

Keep in a dark place. Protected from heat and sun.

CBD is not psychoactive meaning it won’t get you high at all.



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