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About us

About TrustGaia

TrustGaia is a small but fast-growing project that has been a great idea for a long time, because we have a mission – to make a better world.

The mission of TrustGaia is to offer you sacred knowledge of how you can stay healthy in a natural way, like they did thousands of years ago. Our knowledge is based on scientific proofs and our own experiences. We provide the highest quality products, approved products with analyses, competitive prices with reliable and dedicated personal service. By doing so, we enable our customers to obtain the products necessary and to be the experienced healthcare providers as we wish, with the necessary knowledge for you. We are happy to help with any questions you have.

A little bit about the TrustGaia founder

“I have had many different standard “jobs”, like most of us because of the few choices we have in the education system. It has come to my mind that my job has to be something that I already love to have to do with – I believe that this connection is a must to feel real happiness in my life.

I moved to Spain, searched for new challenges and now I know that some things are a lot easier from here because of the more opened mind for the nature. For example with hemp products.

My knowledge of the natural health care came by studying society for several years and I found that some powerfull people finds it necessary to make us all blind by giving us medication, vaccines, poisoning our air, food and water and even trying to hide the truth from us by opposing each other and by blinding us from the truth about eachother, the nature and the animals. Remember “we are one”.

I had my “awakening” some years ago and I’ve always felt this “mission” without knowing exactly what it was and where to start.
So I made a big jump by moving to Spain from Denmark to explore the world and create my adventure – then the universe showed me the way. I had to look at my own body, mind & spirit before I could recommend anything to others.

I started my healing by meditate a lot with crystals, by exercising yoga, Capoeira and swimming. By becoming vegan, and only drink filtered water with minerals.
Then I started self-medicating the natural way and therefore stabilized the whole body with CBD drops, CBD tea, Himalaya salt and hemp cooking oil etc.

I have not always felt deeply passionate about my health but as mentioned before, since I had my awakening, I have only looked at things from a deeper, more holistic and spiritual perspective. I have also studied a lot about veganism, the spiritual empire, meditation techniques combined with yoga and holistic medicine, and I know there is a meaning behind sharing our knowledge – to inspire each other. I think that how we vibrate in our body has a major impact on our health and the energy we feel inside and around us. I believe Mother Gaia has made sure to give us the opportunity heal ourselves so that we can live in our full potential, loving world and I feel deeply honored to help bring this message to the world.

At TrustGaia we understand that the health care products our customers buy, is crucial to their quality of life. Therefore we promise to continue delivering significant product information, knowledgeable employees who will answer your questions, competitive prices and service that best support any person in choosing and acquiring the products they need to succeed in any lifestyle.

I do everything from processing your order to guide you with any questions you may have.”

Patrick P. Petersen